Friday, November 18, 2011

When all else fails (and it will)

I kinda' feel like this should be a quote for a literacy poster.

Kind of.

But I really do feel this way.  Sometimes nothing else sounds better than sitting inside on a cold and blustery day with a good book and something hot to drink (tea, hot cocoa, hot buttered get the little idea, right?)

So today, in honor of my goal to push my literacy awareness poster that will never be, we visited the one and only book store left in our sad and depressed town.  Oh and we actually bought some books too.

There is a reason I'm telling you this.  I had an AHA! moment at said bookstore.  Since I'm currently in the process of reading 'The Secret Garden' and enjoying the simplicity of a well written and wholesome book, I decided right then and there that once I'm finished with it, I would move on to some other classic "children's literature."  

No this does not mean I will be brushing up on the Berenstain Bears (although classic AND not a bad idea) but instead titles that I remember from having seen the movie based on the book or simply ones that catch my eye as an adult.

So I decided to stock up on a few.  Case in point and on my "to read" shelf: Peter Pan, Anne of Green Gables, Alice In Wonderland, and Caddie Woodlawn to name a few.

 I've also decided if any of these books really strike a chord with me and I'll want to read them again, then I just may have to find some with beautiful illustrations so I may have them as keepsakes that I will always enjoy holding. (Anne of Green Gables is one of those books, however it is not mine and I will have to return it to my sister when I'm done.  Or will I?)

 P.S. I already read 'The Little Prince' and have to say that I did not love it.  Didn't really even like it.  However it was a quick read and I can now say I read it.  Done.

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Anonymous said...

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites! I've read the whole series, but I think it's about time to read them again. Enjoy your reading!