Monday, November 7, 2011

Seeing spots

Remember how I said I was in to leopard print now?
Maybe I should have said obsessed. Yes.  Obsessed is more like it.
I'm beginning to believe I don't have the capability to just like something.
No.  I love the oxygen out of it until it can't stand the sight of me and gets a restraining order against me.
That is how I love.
(This hasn't actually happened with any real people. Yet.)

Anyhoo....since my last post of all things leopard, I have hunted down and acquired both a leopard print scarf AND some shoes.
It is the shoes I'm so proud of for the moment.
I'm not proud because they are the most adorable and trendy shoes I could find.
As they say where I live: "that ain't gonna happen."
Despite the fact that these shoes are pretty plain, what's so great about them is how much they cost
how much they look like a similar pair I spotted (get it?!) in the J.Crew catalog.
Apparently, if purchased they will prove to be life-altering.  After all, J. Crew boasts that they are "crafted in luxurious Italian calf hair, this just might be the most spectacular pair of the season."
Did I mention they are also only $250?
Does the fact that they are crafted out of calf hair creep anyone else out as well?  No?
Well I'm a little disturbed and I sure don't have $250 to purchase shoes I'll probably grow tired of quickly.
Guess I'll have to buy "life-altering" elsewhere.
How about McDonalds?

However, despite the matter of hair and cost of J.Crew's lovelies, I still think they are pretty cute.  So imagine my delight when I found similar shoes for only $8 (on sale from $25) at Payless shoes.
I know, I know....Whoa, big spender!!
Now they didn't promise to improve my life, but they did improve my mood, at least temporarily.

As you see, originally they had a gaudy, red, fake velvet bow stitched to them, but I could see beneath the bow and knew that the flashy facade could be changed with a snip here and a rip there.
So I took the leap and took a seam ripper to the bows.
Here is how they turned out (pretty similar to J. Crew's hairy flats)



Amy Lou said...

Meow Indeed!!! These shoes are adorable, and I think you made the right decision to remove the bow... and $8.00... Glorious!!! Who needs crafty, hairy, expensive, Italian flats anyways??? For the record 'hairy' shoes are disturbing to me too!

Whitney said...

@Amy Lou I know, right???