Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday flops

A couple friends and I were talking about our favorite fashion blogs and what we liked and/or didn't like so much about them.
One thing we all noticed about several of them was the quality of the photos.
Some look like they are done by a professional and others definitely don't.
Then it dawned on us...some of the photographers of these blogs are actually the significant other of the blogger. And they are professionals. 
That explains soooooo much!

So right after that, I decided to host an experiment involving myself and have my husband take a photo.
You see, he's not professional but I figured he could take a picture of me better than I had been.
Here's the result:

Dress: Talbots- thrifted; Jacket: Maurice's; Tee: Fred Meyer;
Shoes: Dansko

When I saw the photo I actually recoiled, then laughed at myself.  As I look at it now, I feel that I kinda' look like a creeper that wants to eat some small children (ala The Big Bad Wolf or Hansel and Gretel). 

Me: Want some candy little kids? (cue the you-can-trust-me smile)
Little kids: "My what big teeth you have!"

Anyway, Hubby thought it was "cute."
(What the WHAT?!!)
Truth be told, the awkward photo isn't all of Hubby's fault.
I will take a majority of the blame for this one.  It's just that it feels unnatural having my hubby stop everything he's doing to take a photo.  Also, I've never been good at having others take my photo.
Where am I supposed to look?  When can I blink?  When should I start and stop smiling?
Wait! Is there something hanging out of my nose or something in my teeth?
These are the thoughts and questions that plague me in the blink of a flash.

But today I thought I would try out a "pose" of sorts.  On my own.  With the help of Mr. Self-timer.
Here's how that came out:
Sweater- Old Navy- old; Tank- Old Navy- old;
Cords - JCP- last year; Shoes- Payless

Now I just look like I'm trying to do crunches standing up.
Again, I'm not so sure I'm cut out for this type of thing.

So, I just thought it would be fun and funny to share my awful photos to show the struggles of a "fashion-like-blog" where photos are completely done without a clue.
Have a good weekend all!

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