Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Music on my mind

Maybe it's because I'm a bit older than I used to be
(it's a real phenomenon and it happens every day)
but I'm suddenly aware of all the different types of music out there:
Classical, soft rock, hard rock, fraggle rock (get it?), (c)rap, R&B, jazz....
I could go on and on and probably would if I wasn't so thirsty
(I won't allow myself to get up and get the blasted drink until I finish this post.  FYI- Self- denial gets things done!)

Anyway, the point of the previous rambling was to introduce you to genres of music I'm more than sure you are well aware of AND to share with you some other ones that I have no idea what they are classified under.
Weird? Amazing?
Okay, okay...don't get too excited. Since I do live under a rock 362 days out of the year I'm suddenly wondering if you have already heard theses songs and you should be introducing them to me.
But I digress.
Here's the first one I stumbled upon the other night and have obsessively been visiting YouTube to listen to it ever since:

And here is the other one I listen to on my way to and from work . A LOT :

And there ya' have it. 
These are the current sounds in my head when I should probably be listening to other things -like traffic, my boss or maybe even Aaron.

Whew, now that I've shared all of this with you I'm going to get my drink now.

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Jessie said...

Love the Ane Brun song... The video is mesmerizing, but makes me feel a little sad at the end... you've prob seen this, if you'll love this video...