Friday, March 11, 2011

"Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet" by Jamie Ford

     I've always been very curious about internment camps, as one was set up not too far from where I grew up. However, I've never made time to research the history and stories of these camps, specifically the Japanese internment camps during WWII. This book has both helped me and made me want to do so. Without giving too much away (I hate when I read reviews that tell you literally the WHOLE story) it's a story of learning (both for the character and the reader), love, loss and having your eyes opened. It's a simple story but not a mindless read. It makes you think and moves you to want to know more, not only about the historical portion of the story but also about the characters in the book. I was sad to have it come to and end and even more sad to put it down. I hope you might pick it up!


gillianbee said...

Why do I suddenly have the Reading Rainbow theme song in my head?

wddesign said...

Thanks for the new read recommendation - been wanting to delve into a new book lately but too lazy and overwhelmed to sift through our local book store. Will always be forever grateful for your reviews.Much thanks and keep your blog rolling - always look forward to them! Have got to try your choc. chip cookie recipe soon- I agree that warm and gooey,moist is a must.Will let you know if they fly or flop. kt.