Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not your average cupcakes..

     Is it just me or are there babies everywhere?  It seems that everyone around my age already has a couple children, are pregnant with another or are planning on having some in the near future.  No, this isn't a post to announce OR denounce children.  I love children but still can't commit to them.  I'm just sayin'.
   Then why oh why am I talking about kids?  Well, I went to a friends baby shower (she's expecting twins) today and talked about nothing but babies for a couple hours.
   Now I'm ready to talk about something else: cupcakes.  That's right.  Cupcakes.  But not the edible kind.  These are onesie cupcakes.  I "whipped" some up this afternoon and was pretty pleased.  With a little more practice, I think I could make them look more "real."  I found several different instructions on the web about how to make them and combined many of them to create these below. 

 Here's what I did to make these:

Things You'll Need:

  • 6 onesies or pants (smaller sizes are easier to work with, but not necessary)
  • 6 rubber bands
  • 6 coffee filters
  • Small bakery box to holds 6 cupcakes or a disposable muffin tray
  • Ribbon and decorations for the top (baby barrettes, etc.) 
  1. Lay a onesie on a flat surface and fold the arms and bottom half into the center to create a rectangular shape.
  2. Fold this larger rectangle into thirds, almost like a burrito
  3. Start at one of the narrow ends and roll the onesie up into a tight roll.
  4. Secure the roll with a rubber band by wrapping it around the width of the onesie roll, pretty much right in the middle of the roll.
  5. Place the rolled onesie on its side into the coffee filter with the center of the roll visible from the top.
  6. Tie a decorative ribbon tightly around the outside of the coffee filter.
  7. Gently pull and arrange the edges at the top of each "cupcake" to create swirls and to resemble icing
  8. Arrange the"cupcakes" in the muffin tin or bakery box and decorate to your liking.

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