Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paint chips and (you guessed it) cupcakes

Woo to the hoo!  Guess who has a couple of days off from work due to spring break?  This girl.
So, what do I have planned?  Oh-ho-ho...Let. Me. Tell. You.
FIRST- Shopping
A friend and I drove to Bend, OR early yesterday for some shopping.  11 hours later we came back home.  At World Mkt. I was inspired to re-decorate my house, but otherwise I wasn't too impressed with the rest of the stores we headed to.  Please don't misinterpret that to mean I came home empty handed.  Oh no my friends.  I did not.  I bought a few things here and there and was glad I did!  By the way, did I mention that we stopped by a super-awesome cupcake shop and snagged some?  We did.  If you are ever in Bend, please stop by Ida's cupcakes.  What is unique about this cupcakes shop is that you not only select the cupcake flavor but you can also customize the frosting.  After you have made the selection that is just right for you, they head off to the kitchen to frost your cupcakes ASAP.  There are no pre-frosted cupcakes...only what you want.  Lovely, I would say!  Here were my choices:
Clockwise from the upper left: Caramel cupcake with butter cream frosting and caramel drizzle, carrot cake cupcakes with orange frosting, vanilla cupcake with raspberry frosting and last..but not least, mocha chip cupcake with mocha frosting.  DELICIOUS!

 SECOND- Catch up on errands.  I had a lot of things to return to various stores and am still looking for new dresses for events coming up.  Didn't find any dresses, but did complete all of my tasks on my sticky note of knowledge. 

THIRD- Paint the living room.  I mentioned in a previous post that I've wanted to do this since early March ( I think?).  Anyway, I really, REALLY, want to do this.  So I've picked up every imaginable paint chip shade that I think would be pleasing to the eye and have slapped it on the wall.  Case in point:
     With these shade selections I feel a lot like Goldilocks.  Some are much to light and others are much too dark. It's been difficult to find the shade that is "just right."  But, I think we may have found it.  Today I visited Sherwyn-Williams.  Not only did I get some good advice (put some paint chips on the wall, look at it in different light, don't rush it and give it a few days) but I was also sent home with a complimentary "color book" with every imaginable shade out there.  AHH!  Not only did that little book help me to select the shade that will most likely replaced the "so-last-five-years" red wall, but it has made me want to paint so many other rooms.  Think that's the point of sending me home with this book?  Yeah.  Me too. 
     By the way,  I have plans to show you the before and after of our living room when we 100% decide on the shade and get to painting!!  As usual,  I'll play show and tell when the right time comes.  Stay tuned....

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