Friday, March 25, 2011

Let the painting begin

This is what we woke up to today:
It seems like painting was meant to be today.  Or that's what I told myself. 
I kind of followed Sherwyn- William's "painting instructor."  Kind of.  As you already know, I placed the swatches on the wall and looked at them in different lights....for the most part.  We narrowed it down and chose one.  We did not wait a couple days to make peace with the color.  Who has the time (and the days off) to do that?  Not me.  So the shade we chose is "Amalfi." 

Weird name I know. 
We made a trip back to Sherwyn-Williams and bought paint.  The downside is that is literally cost us double what the "expert" told me yesterday.  He told us that after he mixed the paint up and was checking us out.  Nice.  Real nice.  We probably won't be going back there anytime soon. 
 The upside?  I love the color.

My inspiration for the colors came from a peacock feather ( I didn't take this pic but I wish I had):

We already have a lot of the neutral tones on the other walls, so I was pretty sure the blue would compliment them well. 

So without any further ado: The "before" picture:

No turning back now...

The first coat, finished:

I have to wait at least 6 hours before I get the second coat on.  Yay. 
It looks pretty turquoise in these pics, but since I took the pics it has darkened a lot- as it is supposed to.  I'm pretty excited and can't wait to show you the finished product.


Jessie said...

Looks Great! Keep up the DIY's and Maybe Whit-the-worst will be the next younghouselove! Have fun and we miss you guys!

wddesign said...

This reminds KT of all the Peacock feathers that she used to collect. Upscale and refreshing color! The Zebra stripe with black accents will all tie together nicely. Nice.