Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to do?

     I'm blog happy.  No, not just happy....obsessed.  There are soooo many blogs I've visited and come to love so much that I visit them every day.  EV-RY DA-AY.  I visit them more than my family ( love me...or I can call you.....whatever works.)  I visit sites dedicated to house decoration, others purely about what outfit they wear that day.  There are some with amazing recipes and others that highlight their craftiness, be it through sewing or card-making.  Where does one begin and at the same time stop?  One doesn't.            
     Through all of my cyber-stalking, I've come to realize one thing.  Okay. Two.  I've come to realize two things.  First: I would love to be a full time blogger, expounding on my expertise in some particular area, which leads me to my second realization, which is: each truly successful blog really highlights one area of interest: fashion, food, home, sewing, etc.  As of yet, I have not accomplished either.  I'm very new to blogging and am not an expert at anything.  Perhaps I never will be.  But should I try? 
     Instead of writing about what I did (or didn't do) and posting food AND showing my latest home deco project AND my craft-y project, should I focus on one or just keep plugging along on this little blog that maybe could with whatever pops into my mind?  I guess we'll see.....
     On another note, I 've been really, REALLY into the idea of "re-fashioning."  It's only an idea because I have yet to do any re-fashions.  Any-hoo, I digress.  If you're not familiar with re-fashioning it is the simple idea of using clothes in your closet that are too large, too long, too....well "too" and adding embellishments such as ribbon or buttons, taking in the seams or raising them up.  Another method is to buy clothes that strike you with potential at resale shops or goodwill and adding (or taking away) something to them to make them more your style.
     The whole point of me telling you this is to let you know that I may be sharing some of these re-fashions with you (to add to the-ever-growing-list-of-things-to-blog-about on the not-so-specific-list-of-things-to-blog-about.)  Just giving you a heads up.
     Whitney out.


Jessie said... She does lots of sewing/fashion/vintage... But also started adding an "in the kitchen post once a week. so... You could pick 1 main topic and then have 1 or 2 sub topics that you blog about weekly or even monthly. You are such a foodie I would do food as my #1 Home diy once a week and refashioned clothing once a month or even every other month. I hope you can do it... I would be SO envious. Also younghouselove talks about how they got started and it seemed helpful. sorry so long lol

That's it! said...
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That's it! said...

That's it! said...
I like the variety. It is more interesting than limiting your blog to one thing. I wouldn't change your method. It's great the way it is.