Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bonus Day!

     Yesterday afternoon I was told I didn't need to come to work today.  NO I wasn't fired.  My Dr is sick and didn't want to expose everyone to her illness.  Don't get me wrong, I was sad she didn't feel well but I was also very appreciative that she didn't want to share her germs.  Furthermore, I was psyched to have an "off-day" in the middle of the week!  Want in on a little secret?  I've been wishing for a sick day(s). A lot.  It's not that I don't enjoy my place of employment, it's just that I wouldn't mind another day(s) off in addition to the ones I already have, to do what I want to do.  And that's what I've done so far.
  The first thing on my list of things to do on "bonus-day-off-day" was to sleep in.  It was so important to me that before I went to sleep last night I told Aaron that I wanted to sleep in.  Here's how that went down:
Whitney: Okay, I want to sleep in tomorrow morning, got it?
Aaron: Yes
Whitney: Tell me what I want to do
Aaron: Go for a bike ride
Whitney: No, sleep in.  I want to sleep in.  Repeat to me what I want to do...
Aaron: Go for a walk
     You get the gist.  Well, guess who didn't sleep in? Me.  However it wasn't my beloved's fault.  It was mine.  Apparently my body had something else planned.  So not only did I get to bed super late but I had to get up early, so naturally, I did.  Oh well. 
   I'll spare you the mundane details of us getting ready to go, but that's what we did.  Ready to go where you ask?  Well, we had a list of places to go and things to do.  In the past and usually on Saturdays, Aaron and I have been known to spend the day driving around to wherever our hearts desire, be it a coffee shop, bike shop, Goodwill, antique store, etc.  One of us will call out an idea and we drive there.  So that's what we did today.  I LOVE it! 
     First we ran to Starbucks to grab some coffee for the girls who did get to work today (kind of a condolence prize if you will.)  I was able to score two free drinks just 'cause the lady liked my honest face (not really- but the free drinks are true...).  We dropped them off then zoomed to Diamond Home Improvement to pick out some paint swatches.  I've been reading A LOT of home improvement blogs and have stumbled on a shade that I am obsessed with.  This one is from

We then ran to Fred Meyer's to look at magazines and lamps to further fuel my decoration fire!!  I wholeheartedly feel that this teal color will be a refreshing change from the existing red wall.  One day I woke up and realized I was super tired of the red.  This color was the answer to my......uh....tired-ness?
THEN, we drove across town to the Portland St. Mkt.  At this local establishment, they have a respectable amount of both micro-brews and wines, of which we made several purchases, thank you very much.
By that time we both realized we were hungry so we went drove to our old neighborhood to a greek deli and picked up some sandwiches.  They were just what the people's ordered.  Oh and on our way there I spotted a new bakery called 'Cakery', so we went there next.  I'm always up for cupcakes so we snagged a couple.  Sad to say, the Creamscicle cupcake did not last long enough to have its' picture taken.  R.I.P in my tummy little cupcake!  But here's the P.B. cup-cupcake:
After that, we drove to a bike shop for Aaron to pick up his final installation for a bike he's been working on.  In case you didn't know he likes to get bikes no one loves anymore, cleans them up and restores them into new treasures.  Interested?  Here is a pic of his new bike:

And here are a couple of the bike he restored for me last summer. 
 Take note of the argyle and "super W" on the front.  You can't buy a bike this awesome!! (don't mind the bug guts...Aaron says it's because I ride so fast that they are there.  I have to agree.)
So, that's all we've done so far.  I had such a good day I had to share it with someone!  Thanks for stopping by!  And stay classy....but mostly thanks for stopping by.

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