Sunday, March 27, 2011

We've only just begun.....

The title of this post was inspired by this song which I have included for your listening "pleasure" as you read the rest of the blog.  Enjoy (wicked laugh):

SO....Where oh where do I begin?  Oh, here's the part where I introduce myself as a silly, silly girl....How foolish was I to believe that by simply painting one.point.5 (1.5) of my walls that the living room would be finished?  True...the painting process is finished. 

Again, here's the before:

 And the after...Tah-dah!

We are both pretty pleased with the color.  However, the re-decorating has only just begun.  Once we started to put the living room back together, I found that the old furniture (okay, only the "side tables"), pictures, pillows....virtually everything just didn't look
 as good. 

First of all, the table and chest we used as our side tables clashed.  So, we took some matching cabinets from our bedroom and parked them in the corner of our living room.  At first the seemed too small and too dark.  After moving them and trying out a lamp on one table, we realized we liked them there.  They were keepers. 

Another thing we came across was the lighting situation.  I'm over the floor lamp that is in both pictures, or at least not loving it in the living room anymore.  We decided table lamps would probably be our best bet (as we have no overhead lighting in the living room.)  BUT, we don't have any lying around, so will most likely be shopping for some shortly - the one in the picture is borrowed from another room.

Lastly, the turquoise pillows in the first picture didn't make the cut into the second picture.  They just didn't.  So I tried red pillows.  Also, a solid no.  However, two other shades popped into view.  I had some fabric (yellow) and a shirt (orange) that I threw over the existing pillows to see what I thought.  Here's what I saw:

I really like both of the colors against the couch/wall.  So I will either purchase OR try to make some pillows in comparable colors on my own.  We'll see.

Also, we are on the lookout for some black/white photography for the walls in addition to some pictures that know, to keep it interesting.....

All of this decorating/painting has made us want to tackle other projects.  Maybe we will. 
Baby steps.

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