Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's a cold, cold world.

I did take a picture yesterday but did not have a chance to view it until this morning.  It was of these awesome, angry-looking clouds.  So I pulled the truck over yesterday, rolled down my window and took a picture.  I saw beauty in those clouds.

This morning all I could see was the ugly, run-down shacks that were under the clouds.  Disappointing. So of course I didn't want to share ugly with you today.  Who needs that?

Instead, I'm sharing two pictures today (one to make up for an absent post yesterday).

First, a little background on one of them: Spring in our little town is always a toss up.  Either we will have a true spring- with flowers, birds chirping and sun or we have snow.  Or both.  This year we've had a little bit of everything, including high winds and rain showers.  This was taken one morning on my way to work.  The small mountain (is it really a hill?) was blanketed with snow and against the cool blue sky it stood out to me.  I can still feel the chill as I look at the picture (thank goodness for heated cars).
The fence and power lines = ugly, man-made obstructions.  The hill that wanted to be a mountain = pretty to me.

Now on to the second picture.  Background:  I love the ocean and always have.  Growing up, my family went to the coast often.  Some of my best memories were trawling the tide pools looking for little crabs or shell hunting. Sometimes I would find those crabs in the shells I wanted the most.  Don't worry, I didn't evict the little guys from their homes.  However, I still have two small jars in my home that are a result of years of shell hunting.  This pic is from my very own living room.  This shell is actually a gift from a Dr. I worked with a couple years back.

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