Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take it off.....take it ALL off!

I had another title for today's blog swirling through my brain too.  It was going to be: Oops, I did it again.  And cue to the Britney video (this version is for you, Gils):

Mwah- ha- HA!

Anyway, back to my original intention.
Prepare to be shocked.  In a good way shocked.  Not a Whitney-is-a-psycho kinda shocked.  Maybe for some of you it will be a psycho shocked.  Hopefully not.

But, alas, here is my news.  I cut my hair.  Short.  I took it off (my hair)....took it ALL off (again, my hair).  I just can't seem to keep the long hair.  Thus the oops, I did it again.  Because, oops...I cut my hair off...  Again.  I can't be held responsible for my actions, at least as far as my hair goes.  I get in the chair at the salon and go wild.


Here's what I was kind of going for -without the blond:

And here's what I got, so....After:                                                    

Excuse the lame-o self was all I could manage.

 I like it way better in person, but Ta-DA............


Jessie said...

Very cute! I love short hair. I don't think mine has been longer than my shoulders in a few years... I'm trying desperately to be patient enough to grow mine out as well... But now that you show me a cute short cut... Well, we'll see. lol

jennifer said...

Cute due!