Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things that make you go hmm...

I think I know what you are thinking.  Okay, I'll take a wild guess.  Are you wondering why I chose these pictures today?  I could tell you it's in honor of the farm country all around me.  Maybe I just couldn't pass up the perfectly parked tractor.  Or maybe, just maybe I was trying to capture Mt. Something in the background.  But would you  like to know the real reason? 
Me too. 

To be completely honest these were taken because I could and something about the tractor made me smile.

Also I missed out on my chance to take a picture full of tiny and beautiful yellow flowers, so I was trying to make up to myself with the tractor.  Hmm.

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B and KW said...

would make me smile too. I remember watching Mater having a great time showing Lightning McQueen how to 'cow' tip tractors. (Cars, the movie)