Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1

{A recent picture of moi}
     Aaron, a camera and I spent the day at Union Creek campground last month taking what I refer to as "couple pictures."  Because I didn't even think about getting engagement photos done when we became engaged, I now insist every couple of years to make these pictures all on our own (and to make them look as professional as we unprofessional(s) can.)  We've tried this method twice now and have fun trying to come up with interesting poses amidst a beautiful background.  After a couple hours of posing the pictures, focusing and running like crazy to  make it to our marks before the auto-timer goes off, we tire of the game.  Soon afterwards, we head over to a little diner outside of the campground called "Becky's" and enjoy a nice warm meal (with one complimentary refill of our hot chocolates I might add.)  We then head home to look at our pictures on the computer.  Here's one of our creations:

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