Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 8

{favorite word}
Where would we be without words?  Have you ever thought of that?  I just did.  For roughly two seconds.  I decided we would all be pretty lost, to say the least.  Now that I used my brain, I need to take a nap.  But before I go, I thought I would tell you my favorite word.  And before I do that, something else just popped into my head.  Did you ever watch 'Sesame Street'?  If yes, then I'm sure you remember these guys (they still make me laugh...) and their love of words.   Oh and before I forget, one of my favorite words:  magnanimous.  It's a good word all the way around.  I wonder what the two-headed monster would say to that?

1 comment:

jennifer said...

As odd as it seems, for some reason, I specifically remember watching that, many...many years ago.