Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple pleasures

     Does this image seem familiar to you?  Let me give you a sounds like sario druthers.....YES!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! It is 'Mario Brothers.'  Do you remember this game? I sure did/do.  Back in the day, when I was a youngin', we didn't have a Wii and all those nifty gadgets whatever you do with them.  Instead, we had a Nintendo and we loved it as if it was part of the family, the new baby in the fam.  In fact I think my mom remembered its' name better than mine.  Well, Nintendo recently came to stay with Aaron and I.  I forgot how much fun he is!!  Last night we had some friends over to reacquaint themselves with good ol' Nintendo and even they found him delightful!!  We took turns and after one team ran out of lives we switched. Boys team, girls team, etc.  Slowly but surely we remembered where all the hidden coins, mushrooms and flashy-stars were hidden.  Then we made sure to take a break  and refuel on cookies and beer.  We are, after all, responsible adults these days.    It just took us all back to when we were just little kids and the Nintendo was the "big deal."   Even back then things were easier, much more simple (if you don't believe me compare the graphics above to any video game today!) and enjoyable.  Ah memories...

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