Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And we're back...

Forgive me readers (if you are still out there), for I have sinned. 
It has been 8 days since my last post.
But I'm not asking for too much forgiveness because I have do have an excuse.
We've been out-of-towners. 
Where did you go, you may ask?
Why Seattle, Washington....and we may have had some fun while there.
So I thought I would share a few pictures from the trip to take you there with us.

On our way up to Seattle (we drove) we made the goal to see some of the McMenamins restaurants while temporary residents of Washington.

First up and earlier in the morning we stopped by the Spar Cafe in Olympia.  It was a very cool building but all I managed to get a picture of was the bar area, which had piles of old cigar boxes.  None of us were terribly hungry so we ducked in then snuck out.

However, I was snacky so I ran down the street to Caffe Vita for a quick drink and snack.

this thing was like a scone sandwich with raspberry preserves in the middle....IDEA!!!

                                                                 By the way, it was DELICIOUS!
...moving on.

We kept driving north and finally reached Seattle.
By that time we were all starving and stopped at another McMenamins: Six Arms..interesting.
It wasn't my no pictures for that one.
Okay maybe one:

We then went shopping at University Village for several hours
(mainly to visit the Anthropologie because we miss each other so much).
Guess what I got?
A belt from H&M. WooHoo.

Before I get too ahead of myself, we stayed at a pretty nice hotel: Hotel 5.
The place is pretty close to downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, Pike's Market to name a few.
The price was pretty cheap for Seattle and we even got the third night free due to staying there for more than two nights.  If you are looking for a pretty good location and price without donating an organ, you may want to consider this place.
The only drawback is that the motel was undergoing renovation, so some things (the 2nd floor) weren't in the best shape.

Then later that night we went on the Seattle underground tour.  Last time we were in Seattle we thought about taking the tour but never got around to it.  I'm glad we did this time.  It was pretty interesting and so cool to know there are a bunch of old store fronts underground.

That evening we went to Wild Ginger for Thai food.  I ordered the black pepper scallops and let me tell ya' it was so very good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves good food.

The next day we walked to the Pike's Market.
I could probably spend all day there checking booths out, snapping pics and watching people.
As it was, we were there several hours.

We then went to the Experience Music Project better known as the EMP.
It's this crazy shaped building dedicated to the history of music (with a huge emphasis on music that came out of Seattle). 
If you are really into music, this is the place for you.

If you aren't that into music (me) there was a pretty interesting exhibit on the making of "Avatar."
I spent quite a bit of time there.

By the way, the EMP is right by the Space Needle and this restful fountain that plays music as it spouts music.
 Seeing these things never gets old.

shameless self portrait
We then ate at the Space Needle in the revolving restaurant.
The food is pretty good (and expensive!!!) and the atmosphere romantic, beautiful and amazing.
If you get the chance to visit it, do it!

Seafood fettuccine with salmon,scallops, some type of white fish, bacon and fresh peas...oh and a crispy craw fish

The next day we met up with one of Aaron's aunts for an entirely enjoyable lunch at Brave Horse Tavern.
At this fine establishment I had mussels, bacon and apples cooked in hard cider with sweet potato fries.
Yum!  Go there! Go there!

From there, we visited the Museum of flight where Aaron found his twin, we saw planes and I stepped on/off one of the Air force One's.
Also we "flew" in a flight simulator where I learned you never want me to fly a plane

Also of note was Top Pot doughnuts
(where I just learned Obama visited and there is an cake doughnut with pumpkin spice flavor)
 They too, were pretty delish!

Walls of books from Top Pot

With no more time and less money, we decided to drive home...
but not until we hit another McMenamins, this time the Olympic Club.
When we walked through the doors, Vivaldi was playing and I felt like I had stepped into another time zone.
I love it.

A mirrored booth...beautiful!

And that, is a little glimpse of our four day trip to Seattle.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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That's it! said...

Thank you so much for sharing. We are heading to Seattle a month from today for our anniversary and I have been researching what to do. We went on the Underground Tour last time, not knowing how funny it was going to be. We have been to the Space Needle during the day and I want to go at night so I was contemplating going to dinner there on our anniversary. I knew it was expensive and I was wondering how the food was. Your description has convinced me to try it. I figure it will be an awesome experience.
I have also been contemplating the EMP. We will probably try that out as well as the aquarium.
Your trip sounded great.