Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the saddle again?

So I would like to be more involved in bike riding. Partially be cause my husband Aaron is so in love with it, but also because it looks and sound like so much fun!
Aaron just recently ordered another bike that he claims will allow him to ride some cross country mountain biking -instead of just down hill mountain biking which is what he does now.  He has been gushing about this new bike and staring at pictures of it online. He is already thinking about which parts he may want to change, some of which may include replacing the mechanical disc brakes with some Hayes hydraulic brakes-hopefully giving it a little more powerful brakes. Oh AND changing out the 60mm stem for a 45mm stem to quicken up the turning ratio.
All this sounds interesting and maybe like a little more commitment than I want to handle right now.  But to my credit he has taken me on a "beginner"(I say it was advanced) down hill trail. That he said I was doing well on (up to 17 mph) up until I went off of a jump that I didn't know was there, and wrecked on a bunch of rocks. But I still finished the trail and actually tried the trail again. The second time was a bit slower and with a lot more padding. Excluding the wreck it was a very fun experience.
That was a couple years ago, and I am apprehensive to get "back in the saddle again". But I am trying to get one of my girlfriends to go with me. Maybe having a beginner buddy would make it less stressful.
Regardless of the challenges I would like to give it another go.  Come what may.
Any thoughts?

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Unknown said...

Weee. . .lll, I think you should have Aaron lend you his extra squoochy suspended mountain bike for those trails. I remember how he just floated over rocks and other abnormalities of the trail, then stopped to watch me wreck cause the bike I was using had NO suspension.
Technically speaking, take your pain medication ahead of time, then a muscle relaxant after modest exercise. Read up on all the latest techniques, and of course don't go out onto the trail looking like a 'Fred' - you have to look the part. So you have my permission to go shopping for that perfect outfit.