Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

There are few things finer than an awesome and unexpected pick me up.
My pick me up came in the form of my dear friend Amy and a gift basket she made celebrating my favorite season: Fall.
(you may have heard already that I adore Fall)
Thank you so much Amy!  You made my night/day!

This basket contains a vast array of my favorites: pumpkin scented soap and hand sanitizers from Bath and body works,
yummy snacks and drinks, a new adorable scarf....too many things to mention!!

It also included these crazy-cute slippers! I'm in love!


Another new and unexpected favorite is a new recipe I stumbled upon via Pinterest (of course) and decided to give it a try this morning:  homemade coffee creamer
I decided to try the Cinnamon Strudel version and can not wait to try some other variations!
The thing I love about this creamer is that it is dairy free, has less sugar, and has a lot less chemicals floating around in my coffee!
If you have a few minutes and are feeling brave, give it a try!

And last but not least is my new dress I snagged while on our trip to Seattle.
This little dress was purchased at Banana Republic.
I initially found it hanging on the clearance rack, looking a little sad that it hadn't been adopted yet.
Lo and behold, I swept in and (after some sweet talking ) managed to purchase it for an additional 20% off with another $10 taken off for a final purchase of $23.00.
As you know, I love a good find....especially when I didn't pay full price for it.
World, meet my dress

I just love all of it's little details that can be dressed up....or down!

That's it for now! I hope you are finding some of your new favorites and enjoying them as much as I am as well!


Amy Lou said...

You are so welcome Whitney!!! I'm glad you liked it... T'was fun putting it together for you! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the best thing EVER! I think I need a friend like Amy :)

Whitney said...

@Amy Lou I'm still enjoying the heck out of it! Thanks again!

Whitney said...

@threadsandbuttons LOL...You're right! It was the best thing ever! But friend Amy's are rare! I'm lucky!