Saturday, September 3, 2011

Step into my party (or Sunday) shoes- Day 20

Today is the day I'm supposed to wear a pair of my "best shoes."
A pair I don't usually wear and if I do wear them, know that they will be worn for a short time.
 The only thing is that I chose to wear some jeans that don't really show the I had to hike the ol' pant legs up to show them to you.
They are high.
They are red.
I absolutely love these shoes.

Shirt: Thrifted
Jeans: Ann Taylor- thrifted
Shoes: Two Lips


Saralyn said...

I love red shoes! My husband would like me to stop buying them...but yours are so cute...I really do need slingbacks...

Whitney said...

Thanks! You can never have enough shoes!!

Amy Lou said...

I absolutely love these shoes too!!! Adorable and red actually goes with a lot! (I also have to comment about your 'coffee bean' top... love it!) I just realized that 3/4 of your outfit was 'thrifted', so I have a special request: that you continue the 'thrifty Thursdays' and/or 'Friday finds'... so much fun and inspiration! Please and Thank you! :)

Whitney said...

@Amy Lou
Hiya Amy Lou! Of course I would love to continue the thrifty thurs or friday finds....maybe after m 30 days of no spending and we can do it TOGETHER!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are pretty cute. Gotta love a pair of red heels that make your legs go on for miles huh?