Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did I forget to mention?

Did I forget to mention that I placed myself on a self-imposed, no-shopping-for-clothes-for-30 days challenge?
That's right.  Maybe it was because I secretly felt I would fail (as I do most challenges) and didn't want you to know.
But because I am nothing but discreet (ha ha) I tell anyone who will listen, well....anything.
So I felt I should tell you that I made it to 15 days of no shopping and then cheated, or quite literally, stopped the challenge.
The most asked question is "What did you buy then?"
Answer: A grey. menswear inspired vintage Givenchy vest at Goodwill for $2.99!!
That's right folks!  Givenchy for only $2.99!
(are there enough exclamation marks in those last two sentences?)
I think it was well worth the challenge-breakage.
I will incorporate the vest- which means a picture of the said vest- into an outfit after I both drop it off and pick it up from the dry cleaner's.
Stay tuned!

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