Thursday, September 1, 2011

Statement Necklace- Day 18

In the past, I've made statements by opening my big mouth and saying something that I usually regret later.
I've done this a lot.
Finally, I've found a statement that can be done without a word.
This time my statement is my necklace.
It says "How you doin'?" for me, but in a nice friendly way...not a creeper way.

Originally this necklace was purchased to dress up a simple black dress I own, but that dress is still too warm to wear and,while I'm being brutally honest, too tight.  So even though it is September 1, I thought I would wear something a little more summery and dressed down. 
Notice I've both half-tucked in my shirt and mixed prints.
This challenge has made a changed woman of me.
Hopefully for the better?

Shirt: Calvin Klein (from Ross)
Necklace: Purchased from a local boutique
Skirt: swapped with a friend
Shoes: Old Navy


Salazar said...

Cute necklace, and great monochromatic outfit too!

14 Shades Of Grey

becoming teacher misty said...

How gorgeous is that necklace! I love it paired with some fantastic pattern-mixing you've got going on!

Amy Lou said...

I super LOVE the necklace, love the top, love the skirt, love the shoes! What more can i say! :)