Sunday, October 23, 2011


Remember how I mentioned I'm a bit on the lazy side and only several months behind on my projects?
Well I finally finished TWO projects over the weekend.

The first project was completing the sewing of another men's tie.
You see, I had cut out the pattern but never actually got around to sewing it.....
Ay yay yay!
It has been far too long since the first (and last) tie I managed to piece together- quite literally.
I used the same pattern as last time and it still took several hours to sew it, but I'm pretty pleased with the results!

While all of the information of how to sew the tie and which instructions not to follow are fresh in mind I think I'll try to sew a few more and then call it good so I can move on to more projects:
  • aprons
  • PJ pants
  • purses
  • get the idea.
The second project I finally got around to was a coffee scent, sugar based body scrub.
I am one who LOVES the smell of coffee just as much as I love coffee itself and joked one day about the fact that I loved it so much I should just rub it all over my body.
Well, one thing led to the next and I had an AHA! moment.
Thought: I wonder if there is a recipe out there for a coffee body scrub?
Response: Oh yes there is!
Here is the link to the recipe I used.
Of course I did my own variation and decided to use grape seed oil (also to use more than called for) and omitted the use of mint extract.
This scrub smells amazing and is all natural.
And if you happen to get some in your mouth, it doesn't taste too bad either.

I managed to make not one, but two batches of this amazing stuff.

I was able to find another jar similar to the one above at our local dollar store.
The container above is actually an old Gold Canyon candle jar I've had lying around.
I just peeled off the label and removed the trace amount of remaining wax.

So there you have it: evidence that I can do something crafty once in a while.
But not too often.


westtexstyles said...

I completly hear you about project procrastination! At any given time, I have a running list of at least 10 sewing/craft projects that I would like to complete either for myself or others.

The tie is a great idea and looks very professional!

And the body scrub! I was just thinking about this delightful homemade coffee/sugar scrub that I had several years ago. I will probably be making this and adding it to a few Christmas Gifts this year.

Whitney said...

@westtexstyles Thanks for all of your comments! Nice for you to stop by!

Amy Lou said...

So, I used my Coffee Scrub for the first time... and I loved it! Not only does it smell delightful (so delightful that I actually considered 'brewing' it) but it does a good job as an exfoliant/scrub! Amazing!

Whitney said...

@Amy Lou Good! I'm so glad to hear that! I love it too...