Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's thrifty finds

It's been awhile since my last post featuring some of my thrifty finds at Goodwill.
I haven't been thrifting as much as I was.  However I finally picked some of my purchases up from the dry cleaner's.  So I figured while they are freshly cleaned and pressed it would be the perfect time to share them.

First up is that Givenchy vest I found at Goodwill, mentioned here.
When I first bought the vest the poor ol' chap looked like it had been balled up in the bottom of the donate pile far too long so I didn't want to share it with you until it was properly cared for.  I'm pretty pleased with it and look forward to incorporating it into my "weardrobe"!

Then I found two fully-lined wool blend skirts for Fall/Winter.  They were both in great shape, from decent clothing companies AND I wear a lot of skirts so these warm skirts will be a nice addition to my closet in the middle of our long, cold winters.
Jones New York skirt

This Nine West skirt hasn't been cleaned or ironed yet but it looked so lonely in the pile!

I've wanted a wool shift for quite some time and even went so far as to buy fabric to make one.  That was over two years ago and the fabric is still sitting in the fabric pile in my office.
No one has offered to sew it for me and I've shown no initiative so I have remained shift-less...
That is until I saw this shift from Talbots. I had to rip it off the rack before someone else did.
It was a desperate/serious situation....
Cute with some red tights, black boots....and a cute shirt of

And last but certainly not least (because really, am I ever NOT excited about each and every one of my thrifty finds?  The answer is no.) is this sweater from J.Jill.
I just really liked it and liked it on even better.
Who knows?  Maybe I'll wear it with the brown skirt above at some time.

So there you have it...some of my heavier purchases as of late.
Who wants to go thrifting now?
I do.


Jessie said...

ME! I want to go thrifting! I'm saving up all my thrift energy until you get here :) ... And I must say how impressing it is that you do so good with only one goodwill in town.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question- I want to go thrifting every day!! There is something so calming, yet elevating about finding beautiful pieces from others' castaways- and at fantastic prices :)