Friday, October 14, 2011

Just sayin'

I've come to realize that I could be a bit of a blog snob.
Hmm? How so?
The simple fact that I have standards could be one off-putting reason.  But I don't honestly feel that I set the bar too high.  After all, I'm the one reading someone elses blog and no one is making me read it either.
 But alas, standards I have- even if they are medium-high standards and they are this: I expect a blog and the person doing the blogging to stir some sort of positive emotion in me (some days that takes a lot), to make me smile or laugh or to cause me to look at things in a different light.  I really like candid blogs/bloggers that admit their faults, do so graciously and realize they really are a small part of a bigger picture.  I feel it is their job to entertain me, darmit!
See? I don't ask for too much.....

On the other hand, I've found I do not like blogs/bloggers who feel the need to remind their readers that they are a pretty big deal.
You have the number of subscribers and the multitude of comments they leave on your blog to testify to that.
(I have few followers so may not be much of a deal at all....hmm....but I'm okay with that.)
In fact, I've stopped following several blogs/bloggers just because they irritate me.
Case in point:
One fashion bloggist has mentioned several times how she was checked out and has said something along the lines of: "Hello...either I'm married or pregnant...or both.....but still hot...just sayin'." 
Yeah, I know that is really no biggie. However, I tire of people who have to drop the fact that they are checked out or constantly flirted with.
Or even drop dead gorgeous. Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and
I don't care.

Then there are several others who have mentioned something along the lines of how they have such an incredible and unique clothing style.  They also find it surprising when they stumble  upon new fashion bloggers and instead of finding trendy fashion babies they find a refreshing "muse" with similar (and no doubt a-maz-ing) tastes.
Again, enough with "anything you do I probably do better."
We can see for ourselves.

Is this the dark side of me taking over and being hyper-cynical and sensitive?
Should I give these girls a break?
Okay, yes.

But it's also me..."just sayin'."


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