Friday, October 21, 2011

Hangin' on the apron strings

Is it possible to be behind in your crafty projects before you even begin?
Anything is possible my friends...anything.
And this possibility is most definitely a reality.

My problem is that I'm not just a few projects behind but more like a few years.
There is no shortage of inspiration out there in the big fashion world and I want to do it all.
But with responsibilities and obligations in my little life I find I have little time.  When I do have time, I lack- as the french say- ze inspiration.
I've got no drive.

But let's not talk about that.
Let's go back to the inspiration part.
On our last visit to Seattle my friend and I found ourselves in 'Sur La Table.'
I. Super. Love. That. Store.
I also fell in love with their assortment of aprons
( I do love a good much that I've tried to make them)
but found their prices a little steep for something "I could totally make"- had I the ambition....

I already have a pattern that I've made a cute apron out of and plan on trying it out again.
But the pattern is not retro as these bad gals and I want to try them out!
Oh the possibilities!

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