Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Nanette

Before I decided to jump into my own blog, I experimented with some posts on google's "BUZZ."  For those not familiar with it, it's like a mini blog that can be seen by all those in your e mail group...if you use google's mail system..... ( I think.)
Anyway, I stumbled upon this post about my grandma, always known to me as "Nanny" and thought I would share it again because this little lady is worth reading about. 

"A little known fact some of you may already know about me: I enjoy many "creative" hobbies, yet do not really "Martha Stewart" any of them. However, one hobby I enjoy, nay, LOVE is..TA-DAH: cooking. My love really started with my Nanny (aka Marjorie / the little lady in pic # 1.)

This must be where I learned to pose in pictures...

Growing up she has always been, at 4'11, a major figure in my life. I can't remember a time when I didn't go over to her house and experience what really good food meant (and the art of being spoiled.) You name it, she's cooked it and perfected it. Flash forward to my married days. Nanny bought me my first cookbook "The Joy of Cooking." Before getting married the only things I knew how to cook was the basics and I didn't even like doing those. And now? LOVE it. Can't find enough cookbooks to satisfy me (see pic #2). The harder to find, the better.

All of my remaining cookbooks.  I had to release a few back to the wild.

Anyway, in reading Julia Child's book ( pic #3 and cue screaming) about her days in Paris and learning the art of French cuisine, I found someone else who loved cooking and all the gastronomical results that ensued. It has actually been a joy to read."
Still haven't finished this book.  Dont' tell my Nanny- I borrowed it from her!
So that was my flash from the past, as far as posting goes. 
Now I must go explore my cookbooks for some good, old fashioned comfort food!


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