Monday, October 10, 2011

My outfits Monday

About this time last week I said I would find something to blog about.
I hate to be the bearer of no news, but unless you want to hear about my amazing weekend deep cleaning my kitchen I have to tell you that I was wrong in that prediction.
I've come up with nothing worth blogging about. get another Monday where I show you what I wore
(other than scrubs).
Doing this (taking pictures of my outfits) has been quite a learning process.
I've come to see that a lot of my outfits need a little something.
What can I say?  I (and my style) am a work in progress.
Take a look:

When we were in Ireland, I bought this shirt because I liked the colors and the loose, comfy style.
However, I'm not so sure what to think of this outfit. 
All I know is that Aaron has always hated this shirt.
I used to think that he just didn't understand what was in style.
Now I'm starting to think that I don't understand what is in style.
Any ideas what to do with it?
Tuck it in?  Put a vest or sweater over it?
Refashion maybe?
Burn it.....

I love jeans, can't you tell?
I initially wore a skirt with this, but forgot to take a picture.
Then I put on jeans and decided to throw a scarf on.
I actually think this oufit would be cuter with a khaki skirt or pants.
I'll have to try that later.

This outfit was inspired by the blogosphere.
I've seen plenty of summer dresses fall-ized by adding tights and a blazer.
So I did.
I think I 'm okay with this.


Jessie said...

I love the ireland blouse. I think it looks cute! Whenever I am worried about scale I put a fitted/cropped cardigan or "shrunken" blazer over the top to give my body more shape, or I hem them up to my hips so I don't feel swallowed. Anyhow, Aaron is wrong :) see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the Irish top- I think tucking into a high-waisted or structured skirt would look fabulous! I also have a rule about foreign finds: always keep them! The euros have great taste- even if we have to find the beauty in them ;)

Whitney said...

@Jessie I'm keeping this blouse just because you said you liked it! Thanks Jessie

Whitney said...

@westtexstyles You know? I like it now too! And that is brilliant advice to keep the foreign find...I'm keeping it!