Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Say hallo to my little friends.....

Today marks my three week mark of no purchases from Goodwill.
And this was done with very little strain to my emotional state.

However, to let Goodwill know that I still enjoy all the good memories I've purchased from it, (wish they just gave me this stuff sometimes) I thought I would share with you a couple pictures of my one and only, non-clothing purchase.

Everyone, say hello to my itty-bitty 25 cent port/liqueur/not-so-much-booze-in-this-glass glasses.
(not so sure what their official title is- other than cute little glasses I wanted.)

Aren't they cute?
And for the grand total of $2 I couldn't leave them there on the shelf.
 So I pushed an old lady over to get them because she was reaching for them.  Then I felt bad and let her get up before I reached over her for the other 3.
Just joking, but I do love them a little too much and wonder what I really would've done if that scenario really played out.
I really do wonder.

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Amy Lou said...

Those are cute lil' glasses!!! Gotta love Goodwill and there cheap prices!