Monday, October 24, 2011

Zebra Whitney, where are you?

Who am I and what have I done to myself?
I used to be a strict, black and white, zebra-print-ONLY -kinda gal and could not...WOULD not wear any other type of animal print.
Never. Ever.
But then somehow, some way...something changed.
So I'm not even sure what happened to Zebra Whitney or where she went.
I do still love me some zebra print but now?  Now I'm drawn to cheetah or leopard (I'm up to having a discussion as to the difference in prints here) prints too.
And I'm not so sure how to handle these new feelings.
It all started out soooo innocent.
I kept seeing these quite ordinary cheetah (or leopard) print flats paired with the most unlikely outfits and I liked them.

via Kelly Howard on pinterest

via Gage Shulz/pinterest

I liked them so much I started to want them. A lot.
At first, I figured that I could handle some innocent shoes cuz that's not going all crazy for cheetah, right?
They are just shoes.
But then? Then I started to notice some cardigans out there.
And I started to like those as well.
Now I would like one of these too, please.

via Nikki Yarber/pinterest

via Amy Gregson/ pinterest

But it didn't end there.
Oh no. It did not.  In fact there were little flashes of it here, on a scarf against a smashing green: 
via amanda on pinterest
And then here, on a tasteful blouse:

via Anne Bemis /pinterest

Then here on a little dress:

And then I realized that Zebra Whitney was missing and replaced by Cheebra (cheetah/zebra hybrid) Whitney and that they can both hang together in my closet in peace.

The only problem now is actually finding the understated and simple cheetah prints I so desire to add them to the said closet.
Cuz right now, I have nothing but a crazy fun belt.
And it is lonely.
 On a more serious note, I also need to find Zebra Whitney again because she was fun too (and hello! crazy) and doesn't like to be alone either.


Amy Lou said...

O, Glorious Cheetah & Leopard prints! So, I'm not an expert on this... but I have found that Cheetah print has solid black round/oval spots and Leopard print is a more complex pattern of clusters of black and brown spots which look like roses/rosettes. It appears to me (through my study of your pinterest photos) that you are favoring Leopard prints!
So, perhaps you're a "Leopbra" hybrid?! :)

Whitney said...

LOL...Where would I be without you!?