Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 17- Repair it and wear it

When I initially read the theme for day 17, my immediate response was "Oh man! I won't have time to mend something after work, take a picture and then blog about it.  I'll just have to sit that day out."
Well it turns out I was sorely mistaken.
First of all, I think it just might kill me to slack on this challenge.
  Second of all, I only had to work until 1:00 yesterday afternoon and I suddenly had all this free time to do what I wanted.
I wanted to repair my shirt and then wear it.
So I did.Nuff said. 

But first...a brief history of this shirt.
While I was killing time shopping on the internet,  I saw this top on a model.  I fell in love with the shirt and had to have it because this is what it looked like on her...

My thought was: Wouldn't/shouldn't this top look the same on me?
No.  The answer was no.
Instead, this is what I saw every time I put it on:

What is with the flash calling attention to all my "shiny parts?"

The problem with this top is that when I wore it, I always felt a little like a circus dog with my ruffled collar.  Also,the sleeves just fit odd.
So instead of getting rid of the top, I vowed to fix it, because A) I am obsessed with stripes, B) These stripes are blue....my most favorite of colors and C) The top wasn't cheap and I still have slight guilt issues over only wearing it twice over a time span of a year.
But I never fixed it until now.  Here it is:
I capped the sleeves and decided to tack down the collar for a less circusy (yep, just made it a word) appearance.

Also, I half tucked in the shirt to make it look less circus-tenty.  Look how happy I am!

Earrings: Etsy; Top: Banana Republic; Shorts: Bandalino; Shoes: Payless

This challenge- which initially made me sad ended up kinda' making my day.  Now I'm ready to tackle the rest of my "sewing pile."

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Amy said...

very cute, and nicely executed to make your top more you!