Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 15- Hair style try-outs

My hair used to be long or what I considered to be long.  I've since then found out from other ladies that it was not long, only medium length.
The reason I brought this up was to inform you that I've only had this short hair for roughly four months.  This being the case, I'm still a little unsure of what I'm supposed to do to make it look different.  As I'm sure you noticed in the past posts you may (or may judgement) have noticed my hair pretty much looks the same.
There are so many amazing options out there for longer hair, and I'm sure there are some great things going for the short hair community but this girl doesn't know what they are.

Don't get me wrong, I've tried some new styles out, but they usually result in me pulling out my straight iron and flattening all of my hair transgressions.  They just aren't things that should be seen in public.

So........I found this cute girl with even cuter hair as my hair inspiration on Pinterest:

I liked that it's smoothed down and simple- effortless if you will.
Believe it or not, I've never tried this look out and have wanted to for some time.
I usually just chicken out and "do the usual."

Then here's what I did:

Earrings: I don't remember; Dress: J.Jill

My hubby really liked it (he's awesome like that) and I think I liked it.  I may try it out again down the road.


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh, I like it! I love what Emma Watson does with her super short hair too! She's always testing the waters.

Saralyn said...

We are similar in that I also stick with "the usual," but that's because otherwise I look like a dork! Way to be adventurous!

Kayla said...

Oooooh, this is so chic! Very pretty and flattering with your bone structure.

Freckles in April

Amy said...

Looks great, way to try something different!

Amy Lou said...

I like this look on you, it makes your facial features (eyes/eyebrows, & perfect lips) go 'POW'! Very pretty in a sophisticated & chic way! Way to Rock that short hair of yours!!!