Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday finds- take 3

Last week my mother in law and I went to my favorite resale shop AND to Goodwill.  I mean what would a visit to another town be without heading to the ol' Goodwill?  Besides visiting with people you don't get to see would be sad. 
Anyway, we both secured some pretty good finds ( I would say more so at the resale shop this time) but I didn't have much time to share them with you.  No time like the present, right?

So at Goodwill I found this simple, navy Eddie Bauer top for only $3.99.  You may not believe me, but I've been looking for a long sleeve, navy top for a while. 
 Maybe it found me.Maybe it was meant to be?

I know, I know...not too exciting.  But hey, not everything purchased can be outstanding. 
 The same goes for this next top.  It's nothing amazing, but again something I've been on the look out for.
Coming up next is a fuchsia cardigan from Victoria's Secret for (you guessed it) $3.99.

  From there we moved on to the resale shop where I love to take my old clothes and get new ones. 
Here is where I really ( I feel) scored.

At this shop I found an Ann Taylor Loft sleeveless shirt I had eyed on their website a while back.  The only problem with it at that time was that it was a little more than I wanted to spend on a sleeveless top ( I think $45 or something like that) so I waited for it to go on sale.  It was gone before I knew it.
Fast forward to last week.
I saw the top.  It saw me.  Love. At. First. Sight.
It fit but I wasn't sure about it....there was something different about it.
Then I just unbuttoned a few of the buttons and voila!
At $12.50, I was sold!
Oh!  Here's the little lovely now:

The reason I adore this top so much is that I can mix and match it with so many things I already own*. I have a bright yellow, fuchsia and navy skirt AND cardigans in the same there you go.
Win, win and win.

Then I stumbled upon this top. 
It's print caught my eye....I'm pretty sure it is little coffee beans. 

Here's why I like it: I LOVE coffee.  With the ties in front it's kinda sexy librarian.  Sexy because the ties untie for a completely different look.  As the lady at the shop said, "it puts the shh in chic." (Tricky play on words, that.)    
Also It's a little unexpected and quirky...a little like me and maybe that's why I liked it.
And it was only $12.50.
(Did I mention I didn't even have to pay for either of these due to a store credit I had at the store? No?  Ah! Well I did now.)

And last but not least was the final purchase of the day.  We went back to Goodwill to look at something I had scoped out earlier.  While that something turned out to be a bust, I managed to get something else I'd been looking for, a jean jacket.
Really, it's another simple thing I've been looking for, but not one I owned yet.
For $4.99 I do now.
Here 'Tis:

So the grand total of cash out that day was
Not too shabby in my opinion.
Not too shabby indeed.

But wait!  There's more!
Today I had a little free time on my hands to I went back to the said resale shop AND goodwill again. 
(See here for my confession of shopping too much)

I won't drag this out too much longer but last week I saw some linen Calvin Klein pants and thought I'd go back today to see if they were still there.
They were.  I got them for $18.00.
Pricey compared to Goodwill prices, but still way cheaper than what I would get them for at a department store......right?

Then I found some dark trouser jeans ( I've been looking for these too....) that just happened to be Ann Taylor Loft again.  Again they are now mine for $9.00.

Finally I found a cute, roomy top by Liz Claiborne.  I'll admit it's price wasn't great at $24.80...but I liked it and will wear it a lot at work.
Grand total today?
At first it was $51.80 (yikes!)
But then I still had $14.24 left over in credit and $5.00 discount
So the total for today = $32.56
(less than the pair of Ann Taylor loft pants would have cost at full retail price!)

Clearly I'm on a shoppers high, but it's time to bring it down a notch people.
I'm going to lay low as far as thrifting goes for a while.
Now I'm going to concentrate more on actually putting together and wearing all of these clothes I have.

Don't cry for me, it will all be okay.
Trust me.

*I'm really trying to mix and match more of my clothes.
Instead of buying one article of clothing then running around trying to find something to match it I've started trying to match the things I'm thinking of buying with things in my closet.
Question: How long did it take me to figure this out?
Answer: A LONG TIME.


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I have thought of doing that and am seriously considering doing that now!