Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 9 - Monochromatic

I wish I had as many color bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, etc.) as I do tops (cardigans, tanks...you get the picture). 
But I don't.  Oh well, there are bigger disappointments in the world.
I do however lean towards some of the same colors and one of those many colors is gray.
So gray is the color of the day!

Dress: Ross; Tank: Maurice's; Necklace: J Crew; Tights: not sure
Shoes: Madden Girl
Since Fall is just around the corner, I thought I'd add something to make it a little cozier (although I ripped that puppy off as soon as I decided I was done with the pictures..)

Scarf: Old Navy

Now I'm going to go dig through my closet for the forgotten item of clothing. 
Maybe you'll see me wearing everything from my closet tomorrow!
Things could get interesting...


Kristin said...

I love everything about this!!!

Jessie said...

Love love love! Great tights!

Saralyn said...

Your dress looks so comfortable--I'm all about comfort--yet put together. Craving this ensemble!

Amy Lou said...

... and that is how you 'dress up' a simple cotton dress! Job well done Whitney, super cute! O, how I love gray!!!