Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4- Colorblock

I couldn't wait to find out what today's challenge was and when I did (colorblocking!) I spent a lot of my time daydreaming and mentally shopping my closet for the next outfit.  To me colorblocking looks great with bright colors but the only things I own - besides these sun yellow shorts in the picture- were more skirts.  I felt I had to prove to you that I do own somthing other than skirts, so I went with these bad boys.

Shirt: Gap, Necklace:Maurices, Shorts:Old Navy, Sandals: Saltwater sandals

Anyway, I really like how the colors flow together but can't honestly say I love the outfit itself on me.

Maybe I should take pictures of every outfit I plan to wear before I step out into the public.....

1 comment:

Meredith said...

i LOVE those shorts. way to color block, lady! :)