Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skirting the issue- Day 11

The fact that we were asked to wear a skirt or a dress wasn't really an issue for me.  I really love dresses and skirts.  The problem for me was which one I was going to chose.  Should I wear some of my ol' reliables, wear another thing that doesn't get much wear time....what?

So I chose my remix skirt.
I paired it with a newer top and took some pictures.

Top: Rue 21; Necklace: Maurices; Skirt: CK; Shoes: Ross

But then I realized I wore a very similar outfit on day 1 of this challenge.
Something different had to be done.  After all, isn't that the point of this whole challenge?
So instead I chose to mix it up just a little bit.
This time I added one of my favorite tops to the mix.  I should add that I've never worn these two pieces together before because I've never gone out on the limb to mix patterns until this challenge.

Top: Anthropologie; Attitude: fake....all the rest is the same
I really like the second take.  The only thing that could and most likely will be different is I will wear a cardigan outside of the house.....I just couldn't because it is so warm today.

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