Monday, August 29, 2011

Gaining inspiration from menswear- Day 16

The theme inspiration from menswear automatically made me think of some of the ladies who graced the Silver Screen in classic, yet feminine menswear: hello Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Claudette Colbert, et al. 
These ladies managed to rock the flared trousers, the button ups, etc. ...well I'm sure you get the picture. If not, here's what I mean:

Sadly, I didn't have all the components to do what I envisioned.
I have no flared trousers, no spectator shoes, no classic sex appeal.
And the clothes I do have (blazers, sweater vests) were way to hot to put on today
(and no one wants to be around me when I'm hot!)

So instead I turned to another closet orphan to help me out- my charcoal gray vest.
Men have been known to wear vests....

Vest: Old Navy; T-shirt: Kohl's; Skirt: Target; Necklace: gift

But then I decided to have a little more fun with this ensemble. 
The flash of the camera doesn't show the menswear inspired pinstripe on my skirt in this picture above, but it does in this one along with one of my husband's watches and a chunky bracelet.

Watch: I have no idea....Bracelet: Avon

Then I added a large and rather serious bag:

Purse: Nine West purchased at Ross

But I couldn't be too serious, so I added some fun (and painful) shoes:

Shoes from Ross

And that is my version of inspiration from menswear.....


Faith said...

This is great! I love those adorable little vests! :)

HillyB said...

i love your outfit. plus, your writing is so fun to read.

e&h adventure book

Kayla said...

Vests are classic menswear. They're awesome and I covet yours :)

Freckles in April

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

This looks very ready-to-go-to-work. Great inspiration by Ms. Hepburn. She's one of my faves.