Sunday, August 28, 2011

The last lazy day Sunday of August

I was organizing my blog last night and took particular note of all the past Lazy Sunday's I've posted.  I felt the need to wake up this morning and try out a new recipe. 
After all, it is Sunday!

On today's menu:
Apple-Cheddar Waffle Panini
(as adapted from the Feb 2010 "Country Living" magazine)

I used a new recipe for waffles, and of course made some substitutions for things I did not have.  As a result, I ended up with very dry and very unremarkable waffles.  So, I don't feel like it would be a good gastronomic move to share the waffle part of the recipe with you.  I'm sure you already have a pretty great go-to recipe.  Next time I make these, I think I'll use my Nanny's Belgium Waffle recipe ( I should share that with you down the road...) 
In the meantime, here is the Apple-Cheddar part of the waffles :

In a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons coarse-grained mustard and 4 teaspoons maple syrup.  Spread mixture on one side of 4 waffles.  Place 1 3/4 grated sharp Cheddar cheese on 2 of these waffles.  Thinly slice 1 apple and divide between same 2 waffles, layering atop the cheese.  Sprinkle another 1 3/4 oz cheese over the apples.  Top with remaining 2 waffles, spread side down.  Place panini in a lightly oiled large skillet over medium-low heat.  Set a plate or cake pan on top of panini and weigh down with food cans.
(I used a plate and my tea kettle.  Very ghetto I know...)
Cook until waffles are toasted and cheese melts, maybe about 6 minutes, turning after 3 minutes have passed. 
OR you could use a real panini press and cook according to the manufacturers instructions or your own personal knowledge.....I have none in this regard.

Slice panini in half and consume.


That's it! said...

I just love your panini press.

Whitney said...

@That's it!
Is that sarcasm? LOL...I was desperate....