Friday, August 12, 2011

There's a saying that goes.......

........"I'm a shopper with a closet problem."
That sums me and my little situation up in a little nutshell.
I don't have a shopping problem, just a closet problem.
Hmm.....Never heard that saying before?  It could be due to the fact that it has never been said before, until Aaron, my fabulous/ingenious husband made it up......
Truth be told,  he got the basic idea for my special quote when he read this: "I'm a beer drinker with a mountain biking problem."
He felt that applied to him (oh how it does) just like mine applies to me.

But I digress.
Why oh why does this quote apply to little ol' me? closet broke.
As in the bar pulled out of the wall broke.
Check it out.

This is where my clothes should be hanging

Instead this is where they chose to hang out

My closet breakage couldn't have come at a worse time.  You see Aaron's parents were visiting and my bedroom was the only room that I didn't even touch as far as cleaning goes, so it was a hot mess (literally super temperature hot and a huge mess.)
To make matters worse, my MIL (mother in abbreviation, I know) helped me carry all of my clothes to other rooms to hang them in other areas....
SO...she not only got to see the humiliating mess we call our bedroom, but also got to see first hand just how many clothes I own ( and this after our day of shopping...)

Is it a sign that I have too many clothes?
Maybe.  Probably.
Should I do something about this situation?

So today I'm planning on putting my little closet back together.  I'll be hanging out with and hanging up all of my clothes again.  Some of the clothes may have to find another home.

If you don't hear from me it means my clothes have planned an angry attack and I'm buried under all of them.
Send help.
In the shape of a California Closet.

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