Sunday, August 21, 2011

Layer accessories- Day 7

If you've stopped by here before, most likely you have already read that I'm a pretty simple least style wise.  Wearing belts, tucking my tops in, wearing different patterns all pushed the envelope a bit.  So then it should be no surprise that the prompt to layer my accessories resulted in a little anxiety.  If I do wear an accessory it is usually a very simple one and all by itself: a necklace with a simple pendant, a small bracelet, etc.

To me, layering the accessories was meant for the other girls who have their "stuff" together, who know what looks good with what and pretty much rock whatever they wear, even if it is an old flour sack.

As for me?  I'm still trying to figure it out.

Necklaces: Round beads x 2-gifts; Shirt: Romy

But I'm proud of my layers and will most likely be wearing this (simple) layered look again!


Natalie said...

Oh, I like it! You combine the shades of read well, and red and teal is one of my favorite combinations

Sarah in Indiana said...

You definitely rocked this. Just the thumbnail made me want some red necklaces. Very striking!