Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 10- Save an orphan...

....from my closet.
Truth be told, there are a lot of neglected little orphans just hangin' around my closet so I had a lot to give attention to.
But for today, I only chose this vintage-looking-rock-a-billy shirt.

You have to understand, this little thing called out to me
"Pick me....haven't I always been your friend?"
And my answer was: " Um- okay."

So here is the picture of our over a year and overdue reunion
(yes I know I'm taking this whole orphan thing just a little too far)

Shirt: Maurices; Jeans: Loft; Shoes: Payless Shoes
Don't let this picture fool you though, we still aren't sure if we're meant to be.


Jessie said...

super cute!

Saralyn said...

It's a great color and has a nice fit. Maybe you could try it with a different belt. It would look less prairie-ish.

Amy said...

Thanks for your suggestion yesterday on my outfit, I really appreciate it!
As for your shirt, I think it's cute and has a lot of potential. Pair it with a cardigan, add a fun belt instead of the one it came with, it could even be a fun pattern mixing top. I mean really, the possibilities are endless.

Amy Lou said...

I like your 'old friend'! The fit is nice on you and I think if you just paired it with a different belt you would like it better! :)