Monday, August 15, 2011

Speed boats and meteors

I got a call from my mumsy (aka MOM) inviting us to join her on a boat ride around the local lake.  The company my mom works for was taking employees, distributors and some other lucky bums (us) for a tour around the lake (my mom works for Simplexity Health.  They harvest a certain blue/green algae from the lake and incorporate it into a supplements,etc.)
Since I've never been on the lake, only on the shores of it, we accepted her invitation.
I'm sooo glad we did!
We were taken with a small group of other people on a speed boat tour that lasted close to three hours.  I've driven around the lake on different roads going out of town but never realized how spread out and beautiful the lake in its' entirety really is.
We saw some pelicans, other birds, a deer on an island in the middle of the lake and of course some gulls. 
Here's a little peek of what we saw at the lake:

Thanks again to my mom and her company for allowing us to go along for the ride! It was an awesome way to spend a day enjoying our beautiful surroundings!

Then on Sunday night we drove up into the mountains with some of our dear friends to catch the Perseid meteor showers.  If you don't know too much about these showers, they happen every August.  Stats say you could see upwards of 100 meteors flying through the air in an hour.
We saw 4.
But again, it was soooo worth it!
The little boogers fly through the sky so fast I couldn't get a picture, but here are a few shots from the surrounding area while we were up in the mountains:

these were all the bugs we call midgies...maybe some stars

The creation we can enjoy outdoors, all around us is a "simple pleasure" yet amazing and I'm a little bewildered that I never took note of all the beauty in my own "back yard" before.

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